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Best Books to Learn R Programming

Books. Books. Books.

There are many books to help you learn R programming. But how do you know which book to choose to invest your time? 

Don’t worry. This short list of only the best R books to help you learn R programming. Here we go:

R for Data Science

Learn from the master! Learn from the guy who revolutionized how we programmed in R. From highly customized data visualizations to highly efficient data manipulation, Hadley Wickham has played a role in helping us out. In R for Data Science, you will learn about a new way of programming i.e. the tidyverseway. 

R Cookbook

The first book I read on R. It’s easy to follow, step-by-step recipes, made the difficult task of getting over all the R annoyances easy. Although it is a few years old now — which in the always evolving R ecosystem means decades, R Cookbook still is a great book, especially if you’re just getting start. 

The Art of R Programming

What’s a vectorized way of doing things? That’s a R specialty (ugh)! The Art of R Programming will show you how to write good scripts, the R way. 

Machine Learning with R

Bias alert: I was extremely luck to have recruited Brett at the University of Michigan, and therefore, I’m biased to every awesome thing Brett does. But, don’t just believe me: read all the glowing Amazon reviews. Brett is a teacher at his heart and the careful and simple explanation of every script and algorithm makes Machine Learning with R a masterpiece. (And this, as he says in the acknowledgment, while expecting a child during both the editions!!)

R for Excel Users

This is a great starter book for anyone wanting to learn R, but is afraid to do so. R for Excel Users introduces R concepts by using Excel’s terminology i.e. cells, ranges, and formulas. The book starts from the basics and doesn’t get very advanced to scare one away. Check it out if you’re just getting started.

These books will give you the jumpstart and later confidence as you build your skills to attain mastery. All the best.

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